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I spoke with Fred Hoffman on KCPS radio in Burlington about tax reform, criminal justice reform, flood and crop insurance, the legislative process and constituent correspondence.

Q&A: Get Smart About Cybersecurity

Q. Why is it a big deal to take precautions with one’s digital data and online identity?
Q. How can Americans observe National Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

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I introduced Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey at the Senate Agriculture Committee hearing on his nomination to be undersecretary of farm production and conservation. I cannot think of anyone better equipped to ensure our nation’s farm programs are properly administered than Secretary Northey. Next, Secretary Northey's nomination will need to be voted out of committee and brought to the Senate floor. 

I co-led a bipartisan group of my colleagues in calling on Environmental Protection Agency  Administrator Scott Pruitt to support a strong Renewable Fuel Standard as the agency works toward finalizing its rule on biofuels volume requirements for 2018. A proposed rule would represent a step back when it comes to advanced biofuels, resulting in less renewable fuels being blended than in 2017. 

Our justice system demands consequences for those who choose to run afoul of the law. I introduced a bill this week that ensures those consequences fit their crimes by targeting violent, career criminals while giving non-violent offenders with minimal criminal histories a better chance at becoming productive members of society. The bill is called the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act, and it’s the product of years of bipartisan work and deliberation. You can read an op-ed I wrote with a bipartisan group of my colleagues about the legislation here. 

State housing finance agencies wasted $11 million on restaurant meals, employee gift cards and even a $500 per month Mercedes instead of using the money to help homeowners who suffered during the housing crisis, as directed. The federal Treasury Department added insult to injury by recovering only one percent of the squandered funds. I’m pressing for full repayment to the taxpayers.

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