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I spoke with Josh Blake on KNEI radio of Waukon and Nicole Presley of the Pella Chronicle about the Uranium One investigation, the Renewable Fuel Standard, the GIPSA rules withdrawal, passing the budget and health care reform.  

Q&A: New Farm Bankruptcy Update 

Q. What is Chapter 12 of the federal bankruptcy code?
Q. What prompted you to press for new reforms to Chapter 12?

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President Trump signed my bipartisan Family Farmer Bankruptcy Clarification Act of 2017 into law. I spoke about the need to resolve a 2012 Supreme Court ruling on a previous bankruptcy reform law in the video below. 

Iowa will no longer seek a waiver from some of Obamacare’s harmful regulations because the law, as written, hamstrings the Administration’s ability to grant the state greater flexibility.  This is yet another one of Obamacare’s broken promises. In Iowa and across the country, Americans are witnessing the "death spiral" of Obamacare. The reason Iowa had to apply for a waiver was because of Obamacare’s flaws, which collapsed the individual market. Congress needs to act soon to repeal and replace this unworkable and unaffordable law.

Twenty-five years ago, I led an effort to improve justice for American victims of terrorism attacked abroad. Sadly, one federal court decided in 2015 not to read the law we passed as intended, and it’s left victims and families waiting for justice. I wrote a letter, signed by 23 of my Senate colleagues, urging the Administration to weigh in so the Supreme Court finally takes up this case and justice can be delivered for these Americans. 

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