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I spoke with Dennis Morrice of KLEM radio in Le Mars and Kim Adams of the Denver Forum about Secretary Northey’s nomination to a top U.S. Department of Agriculture post, tax reform, relations with North Korea and maintenance of Navy warships.

Q&A: Veterans Day

Q. When did Veterans Day become a public holiday in the United States?
Q. What policies are you advancing to support veterans?
Q. What about veterans struggling to transition to private life after their military service?

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As a nation, we owe America’s veterans a debt of gratitude. On this Veterans Day, let’s renew our commitment to America’s veterans: seek out a friend or neighbor who served in the military and say thank you, visit a hometown veteran in a local nursing home or offer to volunteer with your local veterans’ service organization. The very least our nation can do is honor their sacrifice.

The Senate Finance Committee, of which I am a senior member and former chairman, released initial tax reform legislation. Landmark tax relief during the Kennedy and Reagan Administrations increased wages, created jobs and made the United States more competitive. Today, Congress has a golden opportunity to do it again. The new plan will provide the average middle class family a significant tax cut, make U.S. industry and jobs competitive globally and simplify the tax code for all Americans.

The Senate passed my bipartisan resolution that would mandate sexual harassment prevention training for all employees of the U.S. Senate. Trainings like this are important for setting the baseline standards of conduct that any place of work should have. We should do everything possible to make sure our colleagues and staffs don’t have to endure harassment. 

Senator Klobuchar of Minnesota and I introduced bipartisan legislation to help families locate missing loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease, autism or related conditions.The bipartisan legislation is named in honor of two boys with autism who perished because the disorder caused them to wander. One of the boys, Kevin Curtis Wills, was from Jefferson, Iowa. This bill makes specialized training available for caregivers and first responders to help prevent wandering by vulnerable individuals.

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