Remembering Congressman Jones


Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr. was the true embodiment of a public servant. He will be long remembered for his tireless advocacy for Eastern North Carolina, which he loved dearly, and for always following his convictions, no matter the political cost. He always did what he felt was right for his constituents, his district, and his country, and it was no wonder why he was so widely admired and trusted. It was a true honor to serve with Walter Jones. Susan and I send our deepest condolences to Joe Anne and his loving family.

Welcoming Andrew and Norine Brunson to the State of the Union


Click HERE to watch the video.

It was an honor to have Andrew and Norine Brunson accompany me to the State of the Union, nearly one year after I first met Pastor Andrew Brunson in a Turkish prison, where he faced an effective life sentence. The Brunsons demonstrated tremendous grace and unshakable faith during Andrew’s nearly two-year imprisonment and house arrest. 

One of my proudest moments as a U.S. Senator was the bipartisan work we did to help secure Andrew’s release, and I couldn’t be more thrilled that he is back with his family and was able to join me as my guests to the State of the Union.

Requesting More Information on Offshore Drilling 


Last week, I sent a letter requesting additional information on the recent decision to open the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) for review under a new oil and gas leasing program. I would like to hear more details about specific actions agencies are taking to safeguard longstanding industries in our coastal communities.

I also invited the Trump Administration to join me in visiting North Carolina for listening and education sessions across our coastal counties on the topic of offshore energy exploration. North Carolina’s coastal communities have been closely monitoring the issue of offshore drilling and surveying. I believe a visit will provide an opportunity for agencies to directly engage with stakeholders in an open dialogue about the potential costs and benefits of any proposed actions.

Protecting the Corolla Wild Horses


I recently introduced legislation that would provide responsible management of the wild horse population around Corolla, North Carolina and the Outer Banks. The Corolla Wild Horses are a cherished part of our state’s history and an admired attraction. Thousands of tourists visit North Carolina’s beaches each year to witness the majestic nature of the Corolla horses, and we must take the proper steps in protecting the health and safety of the wild animals and their habitat. This has long been a priority of Congressman Walter Jones, and I’m proud to lead the effort on the Senate side.

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