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I spoke with Fred Hofmann of KCPS radio in Burlington about tax reform, sexual harassment prevention training and blue slips. 


Q. What’s driving tax cuts to the finish line?
Q. Why are critics of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act opposed to tax relief?

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Senator Joni Ernst and I wrote a letter to the Department of Veterans Affairs seeking information on hiring practices at VA hospitals. It should go without saying that physicians hired by the VA should be fit to practice and have a track record of providing quality care. However, a disturbing report found that the VA has knowingly hired providers who have a history of providing substandard care. Our brave men and women deserve the finest quality of care, and irresponsible hiring practices must be investigated and corrected when necessary.

Along with a group of my Senate colleagues, I introduced legislation to improve the immigration system and provide greater certainty for those illegally brought here as young children through no fault of their own. The bill cracks down on illegal immigration and takes steps to prevent future tragedies like the deaths of Kate Steinle and Sarah Root.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, which I chair, conducted a hearing to learn about firearm regulations and the enforcement of reporting to the National Instant Criminal Background Check SystemWe heard from the ATF, which enforces gun laws, about the bump stock accessory that made the Nevada shooting so lethal and the potential for ATF to regulate it. We also heard from the FBI and the Air Force about reporting failures that led to the tragedy in Sutherland Springs, Texas. I expect this hearing will provide a foundation for the government to take a smart, constitutional approach to addressing these issues. 

Farmers’ hard work provides the healthy and affordable food that we so often take for granted. It's clear that our over-complicated tax code is keeping the nation, including American agriculture, from realizing its full economic potential. Reform is long overdue. We should do everything in our power to support them and create an environment where these small businesses and hardworking families can thrive and prosper. You can read my op-ed on why tax reform will help American farmers and agriculture here

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