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I spoke with Jim Fisher of WOC radio in Davenport about tax reform, the appropriations bill, health care and the wind energy production tax credit. 

Q&A: Opioid Public Health Crisis

Q. Why is the opioid epidemic considered a public health crisis?
Q. What solutions are being developed to address this public health crisis?

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President Trump, the Senate and the Senate Judiciary Committee, which I chair, helped confirm a record number of circuit court judges in President Trump's first year in office. 

In response to the New York Port Authority terrorist attack, I am requesting background information on the attacker, Akayed Ullah. Ullah benefitted from the controversial immigration occurrence known as chain migration. He received a visa based on an indirect familial connection to a U.S. citizen rather than his skills or potential economic contribution to the U.S.

As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I conducted a hearing on the Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act. It’s critical that we help to strengthen our law enforcement efforts without preventing legitimate access to medications that real patients with legal prescriptions need. Federal drug enforcement authorities must provide sound, reliable and consistent information to Congress as we continue to combat illegal opioid use.

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