Protecting Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions

I strongly believe that no hardworking American should ever have to go to bed worried about being denied coverage or treatment if they or their children have a pre-existing condition. That is why I introduced the Protect Act, legislation that protects Americans with pre-existing conditions and ensures that Americans have the peace of mind knowing that they and their loved ones will never be denied health care coverage or be charged more because of a pre-existing condition.

The American people have two distinct choices when it comes to the future of their health care. The one-size-fits-all approach being pushed by Democrats is a government takeover of our health care system and would eliminate choices for families. The Protect Act is an important first step towards protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions and pursuing patient-centered reform that will provide all Americans with the affordable and quality choices that work best for their needs and their budget.

Cracking Down on Illegal Robocalls


Virtually every North Carolinian, including myself, knows what it’s like to be harassed with an endless barrage of robocalls. For that reason, I co-sponsored bipartisan legislation that will crackdown on illegal robocalls and make it easier for federal and state law enforcement to prosecute scammers.

The legislation gives regulators more time to find scammers, increases civil forfeiture penalties for those caught, promotes call authentication and blocking adoption, and brings relevant federal agencies and state attorneys general together to address impediments to criminal prosecution of robocallers who intentionally flout laws.

Addressing Water Contamination


North Carolina has had a long and tragic history with toxic water contamination, and many North Carolina families are rightfully concerned about PFAS and GenX. I’m committed to protecting North Carolinians and ensuring our communities have clean water from the ground to the tap. That is why I co-sponsored bipartisan legislation to address contamination from chemicals containing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

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