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I spoke with Doug Wagner of WMT in Cedar Rapids about crop insurance, legislative priorities and leadership in the Senate.  

Q&A: Census of Agriculture 

Q. What is the USDA’s Census of Agriculture?
Q. What kind of information is collected? 

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I announced plans to convene a youth summit on Friday, April 6, in Cedar Rapids to focus on the federal judiciary and its impact on daily life. The half-day symposium will feature federal district and circuit court judges, invited members of the Iowa legal community, area high school students and educators selected by their respective schools. One hundred and five schools districts have been invited to participate. 

In 2016, I sent a letter to the Department of Defense requesting a top-to-bottom audit of the agency’s Task Force for Business and Stability Operations. The audit, released this week, found that of more than $675 million allocated to the Task Force for rebuilding, less than half was spent ‘directly on projects’ in Afghanistan. The department must put an end to this indefensible waste and abuse of the public trust.

A bipartisan group of my colleagues and I participated in a discussion about the future of DACA and immigration policy. With the President’s guidance, the group agreed to four key items. The current negotiations will focus on a solution to the DACA situation, increased border security, ending chain migration and eliminating the outdated Diversity Visa lottery. Ultimately, these things must be addressed simultaneously to provide certainty for those brought to the United States through no fault of their own and to address some of the underlying causes of illegal immigration.

As the Administration continues to renegotiate NAFTA, I expect President Trump to keep the pledge he made to make trade deals that don’t harm agriculture. Every third row of soybeans grown in Iowa is exported. More than a quarter of tractors made by John Deere are sold in foreign markets. The livelihood of farmers across the nation depends on access to markets abroad, and I’m working to make sure the value of exports to farmers in Iowa and throughout the nation is well understood as NAFTA is renegotiated.

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