A message from Senator Thom Tillis

Supporting Our Men and Women in Uniform


Last week, the Senate passed the bipartisan National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to fund our military and national defense next year. I am proud the bill includes multiple key provision I championed, including:

  • Securing over $2 billion for North Carolina's military installations
  • Reforms to the military housing program
  • Reforms to prevent and respond to military sexual assault
  • An across the board 3.1% pay raise for our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, the largest they’ve seen in a decade
  • Increased employment opportunities for military spouses
  • Expanded health care for military members and their families

Tillis Op-Ed: Sanctuary Cities Should be Held Accountable

Last week, I wrote an op-ed in the Charlotte Observer on the rise of local officials refusing to communicate with federal immigration law enforcement on the status and release of illegal immigrants who were arrested, charged with a crime, and pose a threat to public safety. 


"Circumventing a 2017 state law outlawing sanctuary cities, some North Carolina sheriffs are effectively turning their counties into new sanctuary jurisdictions by making it harder for federal law enforcement to keep tabs on and ultimately deport dangerous criminals who are in the United States illegally.

"Congress also has a duty to stop the growing trend of sanctuary jurisdictions, which is why I plan next month to take action at the federal level by introducing the Justice for Victims of Sanctuary Cities Act...It has long been assumed that local law enforcement would at least make a good-faith effort to help fulfill lawful requests made by federal law enforcement. However, given the recent embrace of irresponsible sanctuary policies over public safety, the time for action and accountability is now."

Advocating on Behalf of NC to Improve Infrastructure

Recently, the Department of Transportation (DOT) awarded North Carolina three grants totaling more than $110 million dollars after I advocated on behalf of stakeholders in the state. These grants will go a long way toward improving our rail infrastructure across the state and expanding public transportation in the Charlotte region.

I believe infrastructure is one of government’s fundamental responsibilities, which is why modernizing North Carolina’s infrastructure is among my top priorities. I have worked across the aisle with my colleagues to secure numerous long-term transportation and infrastructure projects that will make our roads, ports, airports, and highways safer, ease traffic congestion and encourage more economic investment in North Carolina.

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