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I spoke with Sally Hart of KCII in Washington, Iowa, about National Agriculture Week, the Renewable Fuel Standard and why ethanol is working for America.

Q&A: National Ag Week

Q. What is National Ag Week all about?
Q. How does the “GROW Act” address concerns about the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and its impact on local economies and beginning farmers?

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The Senate Judiciary Committee, which I chair, held a hearing to examine the failures that led to the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, and ways we can prevent such violence in the future. I have joined several efforts to increase school safety and this week, I announced I’ll be introducing the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Memorial Act of 2018, which provides funding to train schools in how to conduct threat assessments and early interventions.

Conservation of America’s natural resources is critical for successful farming operations. I joined Senator Joni Ernst’s bipartisan legislation to refocus spending to preserve soil health, water quality and wildlife habitats because it’s important we spend federal conservation dollars in the most efficient way and maximize the goals of programs like the Conservation Reserve Program. 

The Senate passed bipartisan reforms to the Dodd-Frank Act to help farms, small businesses and improve local communities. Big banks on Wall Street caused the Great Recession, yet community banks and credit unions are the ones being crushed by regulations coming from Washington, making it harder for family farms and small businesses to open and grow. This bill will help businesses access resources necessary to invest, hire and succeed. 

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