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On my weekly “Capitol Hill Report,” I spoke with Darin Svenson of KDEC Radio in Decorah and Kim Adams of the Denver Forum about Chinese tariffs on the United States, my trip to Asia as part of a congressional delegation, the Justice Department’s review of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the Senate Judiciary Committee’s upcoming social media hearing and border security. 

Q&A: U.S.- China Trade Relations

Q. Why is China targeting U.S. farm goods with double digit tariff proposals?
Q. What led up to the current dispute between the two largest economies in the world?

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China imposed additional tariffs on 106 American products in retaliation to the Administration’s tariffs on Chinese products. The United States should take action to defend its interests when any foreign nation isn’t playing by the rules or refuses to police itself. But farmers and ranchers shouldn’t be expected to bear the brunt of retaliation for the entire country. If the federal government takes action on trade that directly results in economic hardship for certain Americans, it has a responsibility to help those Americans and mitigate the damage it caused.

I hosted a youth summit on the federal judiciary and its impact on daily life with high school students and educators from more than 20 schools throughout Northeast Iowa. Students heard from Judge Michael J. Melloy, 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and Chief Judge John Jarvey, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa, and were able to ask questions.

I talked to members of the media about my trip to China and South Korea as part of a congressional delegation. I answered questions about the impact of China’s tariffs, China’s violations of intellectual property law and my discussions with the former governor of Iowa, Ambassador Terry Branstad. You can listen to part one of my call here and part two here

This week, I announced that Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee Chairman John Thune of South Dakota and I, in my capacity as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, will convene a hearing to learn from Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg about how technology companies can work with Congress to ensure consumer data privacy while still encouraging innovation. 

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I held a Q&A with the Iowa Tech Association and NFIB at the Forge in Des Moines about the role technology plays in driving the Iowa economy. 

A photo by @senatorchuckgrassley on April 4, 2018.