A message from Senator Thom Tillis


As we unite as North Carolinians to fight the coronavirus pandemic, I want to give you an update on legislation to bring relief to Americans. I supported the bipartisan CARES Act, the “Phase III” economic relief bill, which recently passed the Senate. As I discuss in this video, it will provide relief to hardworking North Carolinians and small businesses affected by the coronavirus epidemic, including direct checks to many North Carolina families. 


The bill I supported authorizes a one-time payment in the amount of $1,200 per individual or $2,400 for married couples and $500 per dependent child to help you make ends meet as our nation confronts this public health crisis.


This is a crisis unlike anything we’ve ever seen, with many businesses being forced to temporarily shut down in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, with businesses being shut down during this difficult time, it has also forced some to lay off employees to prevent them from going out of business altogether. Workers and small businesses need help, which is why this legislation provides supplemental payments for people who become unemployed, and will also help our independent contractors and small business owners get assistance to get through this crisis and be able to retain employees on their payroll.

In addition, this bill includes:

Health Care Solutions

  • Requirements for insurers to cover COVID-19 testing and vaccines
  •  $117 Billion for Hospitals and Veterans Health Care 
  • $45 Billion for the FEMA Disaster Relief Fund 
  • $16 Billion for the Strategic National Stockpile 
  • $4.3 Billion for the Centers for Disease Control 
  • $11 Billion for Vaccines, Therapeutics, Diagnostics, & Other Medical Needs 
Small Business and Worker Assistance
  • Loan forgiveness for small businesses, creating a “paycheck protection program” to help small business retain employees on payroll.
  • Delays payroll taxes for employers
  • Temporary changes to Unemployment benefits
  • $250 billion to expand unemployment benefits

I will continue working with our local and state leaders to ensure North Carolina is prepared and ready to respond to protect the health of North Carolinians.

Thank you for reading, and as always please reach out to my office if you have any questions or need help with a federal agency.

All the best,



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