If you’re a creep, you gotta go.

Sexual misconduct has no place in society. But sadly, it’s been a huge issue in our federal government agencies for quite a long time. 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is experiencing a spike in sexual assault and sexual harassment allegations.

At the State Department, employees who have been subjected to sexual assault and rape say they were deterred from reporting the incidents because the accused often went unpunished while the accuser’s career suffered.

Some female Forest Service employees describe a hostile workplace where they endured harassment, assault, and even rape – and then suffered retaliation for reporting the incidents. 

Folks, this is an appalling reality. 

Survivors of these crimes should not be the ones who live in terror of being further victimized. Those who prey on others are the ones who should fear the consequences of their actions. 

Sexual predators in the federal bureaucracy have to go. Iowa taxpayers should never pay their salary. 


That’s why I am giving my October 2020 Squeal Award to all of the creeps on the public’s payroll who make unwelcomed, inappropriate, and illegal sexual advances on civil servants in the workplace, or on anyone else.

It is also why I have introduced the Compulsory Requirement to Eliminate Employees who are Perpetrators of Sexual assault (CREEPS) Act, which would terminate federal employees and contractors who are found to have committed such offenses.

Let’s make it perfectly clear to any potential or present predators in the federal workforce: No matter who you are or what your title or rank may be, if you are a creep, your career should be over – and my CREEPS Act would do just that.

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Thank you!