October Squeal Award: Zombie Programs Eating Up Billions of Taxpayer Dollars

There’s a zombie apocalypse lurking in Washington’s budget.

Billions of taxpayer dollars have been buried in government programs that have outlived their purpose, but still haven’t been put to rest

The U.S. Enrichment Corporation Fund, for example, fulfilled its mission to privatize nuclear enrichment operations decades ago, yet lives on with $1.5 billion of YOUR hard-earned tax dollars.

The Presidential Election Campaign Fund, which I have previously highlighted, was created to finance the campaigns of politicians running for president, but hasn’t supported a single candidate in five years. Yet, $400 million is sitting idle in the fund, and its coffers have mutated to the tune of tens of millions of dollars that are added each year.

And while the Affordable Care Act requires every state to offer health insurance options through the Multi-State Plan, which cost tens of millions of dollars to set up and administer, the program does not currently provide coverage in any state largely due to a lack of participation.  

These living-dead programs should have been killed off long ago, but they’re being kept on life support with YOUR hard-earned dollars.

That is why I am awarding my October 2021 Squeal Award to Congress for unleashing this Zombie outbreak.

I am also sponsoring legislation to repeal each of these undead programs and introducing the Zombie Programs Survival Guide Act which would provide an annual hit list of all the other programs that continue to linger on long after their lifespan has expired.

This is a no brainer.  

Do you have an example of government waste or inefficiencies that I should take a look at? Send me an email by clicking here.

Thank you!