Warning! Sharing This Could

Place You on Washington’s Naughty List

You better watch out!

President Biden is making a list and checking it twice.

Going to find out who is being naughty…exercising their constitutional rights.

The Biden administration is paying more than $5 million to a group called Hack/Hackers to make lists of organizations and media they think should and should not be trusted. They then use their naughty and nice list to help police the content posted by family and friends online and confront those who might post what they deem as unapproved ideas.

To no one’s surprise, liberal outlets, like The New York Times, made Hack/Hackers’ nice list for being “reliable.”  The naughty list of “unreliable” or “conspiracy” sources predictably includes conservative-leaning media, like The Daily Wire, which coincidentally exposed this new Washington enemies list!

Here’s how it works: A Facebook post could be submitted to the Hack/Hackers Analysis and Response Toolkit for Trust to be reviewed for “misinformation harms.” If a post raises “reliability” red flags, the program will then help generate “responses for daily conversations around sensitive topics.”

Well here is a fact: Iowans and most Americans don’t trust Washington and don’t want the government or some state-sponsored group to tell us what we can and cannot think, say, or believe. 

And we certainly don’t want the Biden administration spending our hard-earned tax dollars to keep lists of approved and unapproved opinions or encouraging citizens to troll their friends with government-generated propaganda!

In fact, if this effort was applied to statements by the Biden administration, the “fact checkers” would be working overtime countering the disinformation being spread by the president himself. Such as the president’s false claim that he “cut the federal debt in half — a fact! The truth is since Joe Biden became president less than two years ago, more than $3 trillion has been added to the national debt!

Or President Biden’s now deleted tweet crediting his “leadership” for giving seniors “the biggest increase in their Social Security checks in 10 years.”  The “increase” is an automatic adjustment that occurred to keep pace with the record inflation being caused in part by the president’s economic policies…

December 2022 Squeal Award: President Biden 

That is why I am giving my December 2022 Squeal Award to “the minister of misinformation” himself, President Biden, for promoting blatant falsehoods while his administration is steering tax dollars into these Soviet-style propaganda tactics that target citizens and media who dare question the administration’s narrative.

I am also urging the National Science Foundation, which is providing funding to the Hack/Hackers, to pull the plug on this taxpayer-funded troll service!

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Thank you!