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I spoke with Brian Fancher at KLMJ Hampton and Erin Sommers at the Pocahontas Record-Democrat. We discussed gas prices and the Seeding Rural Resilience Act.

Q&A: Celebrating Thanksgiving


Q: How is Iowa integral to Thanksgiving?

Q: How will food inflation impact prices for this year’s Thanksgiving meal?

Q: What are you thankful for this year?

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This week, I joined my Senate colleagues to introduce the Prevent Exposure to Narcotics and Toxins (PREVENT) Act, which will provide drug containment devices to frontline border patrol agents. This bipartisan legislation ensures law enforcement officers operating on the front line are protected from secondary exposure to dangerous drugs.


Government, especially when it comes to the treatment of taxpayers, needs to be accountable and transparent to the American people. The Democrats’ partisan spending bill gave the IRS an extra $80 billion, but they failed to include oversight mechanisms.

My bill with Senator John Thune will ensure that the IRS is answerable to the American people in how it uses this money, and will force it to forfeit funds every day it’s not in compliance.

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Wrote holiday greetings & notes of appreciation to our service members overseas as part of the American Red Cross Holiday Mail for Heroes Program