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November 9, 2020

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Dear Friend

Welcome to my brand new e-newsletter! In addition to a weekly email on discussing what we achieved the week prior, I will now be sending a handful of issue specific updates periodically throughout the year. You can sign up for these
on my website
, and also take the survey below!

Let me know if you are interested in hearing more about:

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I am excited to offer this new way for us to keep in touch on the issues that matter most to you and all our friends and neighbors across South Carolina. And don’t forget to follow me on

for daily updates!

Last week was a significant one, let’s get to that below.

2020 Presidential Election

As I am sure you are aware, Joe Biden has claimed victory in the 2020 presidential election. While television networks move forward, votes are still being counted across the country. As with every election in our nation’s history, this one is not over until every single legally cast ballot has been counted.

All allegations of fraud or irregular activity must be reported and fully investigated. I am encouraged that states across the country, such as Georgia, have committed to doing exactly this. If any of these allegations are found credible, they must then be brought before the courts. The American people must continue to have faith in our electoral systems, and rooting out any and all fraud is the best way to do so.

While President Trump continues to challenge the results in some states, I will continue with my mission to ensure every American family has the chance to achieve the American Dream. We have made significant progress on that front the past four years through tax reform, permanent funding for HBCUs, and, as you’ll read more below, Opportunity Zones.

Opportunity Zones Continue to Prosper

Some amazing projects have been announced recently in Opportunity Zones across the country, showing our initiative is working to help communities most in need! If you want to learn even more about my efforts to bring economic opportunity to all Americans, sign up for my new Economic Opportunity e-newsletter

a new project will help hire and house 50 people facing homelessness. They will hire, train and house folks to help them get back on their feet as part of efforts towards “conscious capitalism."

South Los Angeles
, the BeeHive is giving local entrepreneurs a space to thrive, while also opening new businesses aiming to
hire directly
from the community they serve.

And a new, minority-owned real estate partnership
focused solely on affordable housing
has plans in place to help bring the dream of home ownership to families in Illinois, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, California and Michigan.

These are just a few of the amazing projects in the works in Opportunity Zones across the country (and don’t forget our September announcement right here in South Carolina that will bring
1,500 jobs to Hampton County
)! Keep your eyes peeled, we have some exciting new content coming your way next month in this area.

One More Reminder: Sign Up For Our New E-newsletters!

Just a reminder to sign up for our new issue-specific e-newsletters
, or take the survey at the top of this email. I look forward to sharing all the ways my team and I are working hard every day for the people of South Carolina!



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