January 5, 2024

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During the first week of the new year, I was grateful to celebrate the gift of a new beginning. I am renewed in my commitment to working tirelessly to secure our southern border, promote educational freedom, strengthen American energy independence and combat threats from malign actors, including Iran, China and Russia. Serving the Palmetto State is a privilege I don’t take for granted and, this year, I look forward to fighting for the issues that matter to South Carolinians and folks across the country. 

Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Matthew 5:16

Fighting For Our Nation's Future

Despite the humanitarian, fentanyl and illegal immigration crises created by the Biden administration’s open border policy, the President and congressional Democrats have continued to neglect what I have said is our nation’s most pressing national security concern. This comes as no surprise considering, last year, the Biden administration deported only 142,580 illegal immigrants, a fraction of the approximately 2.5 million who entered our country in the same year. Taxpayer services, including hospitals, are straining to keep up with the influx of illegal immigrants in many cities, and countless Americans are grieving the loss of loved ones as deadly fentanyl continues pouring through our southern border. 

I remain committed to fighting for sound and effective border security measures that would stop the unimpeded trafficking of illegal immigrants and fentanyl, increase the number of border patrol agents and reinstate Remain in Mexico and Title 42-like powers.

This week, I highlighted 10 pieces of legislation I will continue to champion throughout this year that will provide commonsense solutions to the border crisis. Whether it’s through the Secure the Border Act or my FEND Off Fentanyl Act, I will continue to urge Congress to end President Biden’s epidemic of failure and keep America safe. 

Read more about my work to secure the border here

Palmetto State Pride

This week, I’m spilling the sweet tea on Mount Pleasant’s beloved Longpoint Elementary School. An education center for African American students until 1953, the Mount Pleasant community is working hard to preserve Longpoint as a museum, education center and historic landmark. It’s incredible to see the Palmetto State’s dedication to preserving and learning from our history!

Read more about Longpoint Elementary School here!

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