February 2, 2024

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This week, I continued fighting for policies that put the American people first. Whether it’s ensuring U.S. tax dollars don’t fund terrorism or securing our border, I’m focused on making life better for folks here at home. Our country is the greatest in the world because of the American people, and they deserve to be put first.

Let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and may find grace to help in time of need.

Hebrews 4:16

Week In Review

Combatting Terrorism at UNRWA


Click here to watch coverage about my legislation to cut U.N. funding.

The world was shocked by recent reports that staff members at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) participated in the brutal October 7th terrorist attacks against Israel. While the Trump administration suspended UNRWA funding, the Biden administration decided to reinstate support and blatantly ignore decades-long accusations about the agency’s support for terrorism and antisemitism.

We need policies that stop terrorism, not promote it. That’s why I was joined by Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in introducing legislation to suspend U.S. funding to the United Nations until UNRWA is permanently abolished. Not a single cent of American tax dollars should go toward the beheading of innocent babies, rape of women or murder of civilians.

Read more about the ​​Preventing Terrorism at the U.N. Act here

Secure America’s Border First


Watch me discuss the border crisis here

Last month, as many people crossed our border illegally as were born in America. That’s a full-blown crisis! I went on Fox News to discuss President Biden’s role in actively aiding and abetting the largest border invasion our nation has ever seen. If there’s no America, the City on the Hill dies and the whole world suffers. We can’t assist our partners and allies if we can’t defend our own borders. That’s why I’ll continue the fight to secure our own border and protect the American people.  

Watch more of my Fox News interview here.

Fighting for Commonsense Energy Policies

The Biden administration’s recent decision to pause approvals for liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports is bad for America and bad for our allies. This policy will makethe world more reliant on foreign adversaries like Russia and harm our economy.

We cannot allow the president to keep appeasing fringe climate activists at the expense of the American people. I introduced legislation this week to combat this shortsighted move from the president and streamline the LNG export approval process. My Unlocking Domestic LNG Potential Act is a step toward depoliticizing the energy economy and implementing common sense policies that support American energy independence. As the world becomes increasingly turbulent, it is more important than ever to unleash America’s abundant natural resources, bolster our energy independence and safeguard our national security. 

Read more about the Unlocking Domestic LNG Potential Act here

Cheering for the Coaches

Growing up, I loved to play football, a game that taught me invaluable life lessons about teamwork, perseverance and sacrifice. During my high school years, my coaches were integral to making me the person I am today, providing mentorship at a pivotal time in my life. 

This week, I introduced the Creating Opportunity for Athletic Coaches to Help Educate Students (COACHES) Act, which updates our tax code to allow K-12 coachesand athletic administrators to be classified as “eligible educators” to receive tax deductions. I am proud to support these essential educators as they continue to personally invest in the future of students across America.

Read more about the ​​COACHES Act here

Making the Financial System Work for Every AmericanImage

Watch my full opening statement here.

This week’s Senate Banking Committee focused on growing threats of fraud impacting Americans. While financial institutions – like banks and credit unions – have made great strides in implementing innovative technologies to strengthen security that will protect families and businesses, the Biden administration’s financial regulators have been more focused on pursuing President Biden’s political agenda. And instead of focusing on real crimes and holding criminals responsible, this administration seems intent on tying up financial institutions with ever increasing amounts of Washington red tape.

That’s why, as the top Republican on the Senate Banking Committee, I called on the administration to drop their focus on political pet projects, like climate investing and snooping on Americans’ transaction data. 

But ensuring our financial regulators do their jobs of protecting Americans is not the only solution. One of the best tools to fight back against financial crimes is education – both about the financial products and protections that are available to us, and about the scams and methods criminals are using against us. I have long championed the idea that financial education and financial literacy are vital tools for climbing the ladder of success in America.

Read more about the Banking Committee hearing here

Making Waves

Fox News: Republicans unveil effort to reverse Biden's latest crackdown on fossil fuels: 'Pure politics'

In the wake of the Biden administration’s recent decision to block natural gas exports and undermine our energy security, I’m sharing this story from Fox News detailing my fight for energy independence. 

Reporting for Fox News, Thomas Catenacci writes, “Senate Republicans on Wednesday introduced legislation that would prevent the Biden administration from moving forward with its moratorium on liquefied natural gas (LNG) export permits. The Unlocking Domestic LNG Potential Act — authored by Senate Banking Committee Ranking Member Tim Scott, R-S.C., and cosponsored by 16 fellow Senate Republicans — seeks to ‘depoliticize’ LNG exports by eliminating the Department of Energy's (DOE) authority to greenlight such permits. The effort comes days after the White House and DOE paused permits for LNG export terminals over their potential climate impacts.”

Read the full article in Fox News here

Fox News: 'Brazen attack': Trump blasts Biden after 3 US service members killed by Iran-backed militia

Last week, we lost three brave soldiers to an Iranian-backed drone attack. I’m highlighting this story from Fox News where I called out the administration’s inability to restore deterrence in the Middle East, which places American lives at risk.

Reporting for Fox News, Stepheny Price writes, “In the wake of the attack, Republicans condemned Biden's perceived inaction so far and some went further, accusing the president of appeasing Iran. ‘Enough is enough. The Biden administration’s appeasement of Iran must end. It’s time for clear and decisive action, and Iran must be held accountable for the malign activities of its proxies,’ Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., said in a statement obtained by Fox News Digital.”

Read the full article in Fox News here

Palmetto State Pride

This week, I’m spilling the sweet tea on Weaverville Police Chief Ron Davis. Ron has spent over 30 years serving in public safety and the last five years as chief of the Weaverville Police Department. I’m celebrating his heart for others and hard work to protect our community!

Read more about Chief Davis’ life of service here!

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