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I’m proud to deliver legislative victories on behalf of our veterans. This week, a trio of legislative initiatives I championed to improve veterans services are headed to the president’s desk to be signed into law.

The Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas Supporting Expanded Review for Veterans in Combat Environments (SERVICE) Act received unanimous support from Congress. I authored this legislation so we can modernize Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) breast cancer screening policies.

Why it matters: The VA’s current guidance for administering mammograms is outdated given the unique environments in which military members serve and the additional risk factors associated with these locations. The incidence of breast cancer in women veterans and military populations is estimated to be up to 40 percent higher than the general population.

The solution: Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas SERVICE Act will require the VA to conduct mammograms for all women who served in areas associated with burn pits and other toxic exposures regardless of age, symptoms or family history.

  • Updating the VA’s breast cancer screening policies is necessary given the additional risk factors associated with toxic exposure. Expanding access to mammograms for younger women will improve detection and treatment and ultimately save lives. I urge the president to quickly sign this bill into law so we can upgrade these health screenings veterans deserve.

This follows House and Senate passage of two additional pieces of legislation on their way to the president's desk for his signature: 

Making Advances in Mammography and Medical Options (MAMMO) for Veterans Act
  • I championed this legislation to ensure veterans have access to lifesaving breast cancer screenings no matter where they live. This bill will require the VA develop a strategic plan to improve breast imaging services, create a telemammography pilot program for veterans in areas where VA does not offer in-house mammography, and expand veterans’ access to clinical trials through partnerships with the National Cancer Institute.

Strengthening Oversight for Veterans Act of 2021 

  • I backed this legislation to strengthen oversight at the VA. It will provide the VA Office of Inspector General (OIG) the authority to subpoena testimony from former VA employees who have left federal service and others relevant to its inspections, reviews and investigations. This will improve accountability and transparency within the VA.

Ensuring Access to Baby Formula


What I'm doing: I was proud to lead Senate passage of the Access to Baby Formula Act to benefit every American family by ensuring formula manufacturers and regulators are always prepared to respond to any shortages or supply disruptions and providing more flexibilities to USDA and states in helping parents meet their children’s nutritional needs. 

We're working to end additional disruption and prevent this problem from happening in the future.

  • That's why my colleagues and I have demanded the U.S. Food and Drug Administration explain the failures that resulted in the shortage of baby formula. 

Unleashing American Energy 

Arkansans are paying record-high gas prices and it's time the Biden administration recognizes the severity of this crisis and acts to help bring all Americans relief. Watch my interview with Charles Payne about the common sense solutions we can implement to help drive down costs.


In a press conference this week I highlighted the answer to this crisis - unleashing American energy production. 

Rarely do you have a problem where the answer is staring you in the face. The reality is we need to consider making it much easier to develop American energy by expediting the permitting process so oil and gas exploration is easier, approving pipelines that can swiftly be developed and brought on-line, and proving abundant access to critical minerals for fertilizer production.

Remedy to Addressing Physician Shortage

This week I teamed up with my colleague Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) to introduce legislation to help address the nationwide physician shortage.

Why it’s needed: More than two-thirds of Arkansas counties are designated as Primary Care Health Professional Shortage Areas. As our population continues to age, the demand for quality, accessible health care is increasing.

The Physicians for Underserved Areas Act is part of the solution to bridge the gap in the growing shortage of primary and specialty care physicians in our state. Read more about the bill here.

Engaging the Next Generation of Leaders


A Bright Future Ahead: I was recently honored to convene the final meeting of the 2021-2022 Congressional Youth Cabinet and see the hard work these young Arkansans put in to their legislative proposals advocating for policy changes.

It’s important for all Arkansans to understand their voices are important to the legislative process. Investing in the next generation of leaders and promoting community involvement through programs like the Congressional Youth Cabinet help inspire our next generation of leaders.

I’m grateful for their interest in public service and civic engagement and their willingness to develop solutions to the challenges facing our communities, country and world.

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