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Protecting Your Access to the Internet

The internet is the defining innovation of our time. It allows small business owners in Grand Rapids to reach new markets to sell their goods. It enables Michiganders in the Upper Peninsula and other rural communities to see their doctors using telemedicine. It helps startup companies in Detroit compete with large, global corporations. And it provides a way for countless families across Michigan to stay connected with loved ones wherever they live. The internet is an essential part of our daily lives, but recent actions by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) threaten the way your family uses the internet today. 

On December 14, the FCC voted to end net neutrality protections that ensure the internet remains a level playing field, where all users – from the tiny startup to the Fortune 500 corporation – are treated equally. Without net neutrality, internet service providers will be free to block, slow or prioritize web traffic for their own financial gain. This could usher in a new era with a two-tiered internet – one for large corporations that can pay for a fast lane and a slow lane for everyone else.

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I am working with my Senate colleagues to reinstate these critical protections by cosponsoring a special Congressional Review Act resolution. With 50 Senators supporting this resolution, we are very close to forcing a vote on the Senate floor that could restore net neutrality rules. In today’s world, the internet is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. I am focused on building additional support so we can pass our resolution and reverse this decision that stifles small businesses and harms the American people.

Thanks for reading,

Gary Peters
United States Senator for Michigan


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