December 12, 2017

This is West Virginia

When I hear from people who don’t know about West Virginia, I jump at the chance to tell them who we are. 

West Virginians are tough as nails and compassionate at the same time. We’re patriotic in the truest sense. We help our neighbors, smile at strangers, and cross our hands over our hearts. 

We have more Veterans per capita, have fought in more wars, shed more blood, and lost more lives for the cause of freedom than most any other state.  

We’ve done the heavy lifting. And we’ve never complained.

We’ve mined the coal and forged the steel that built the great tanks and ships and factories that have made our country the strongest in the world.

We’ve been tried and tested. We’ve weathered storms, lost loved ones to tragedy and disaster, and seen opportunities come and go.


But we don’t give up. We’re bettering ourselves and we’re always moving ahead. We have challenges before us and progress to be made, but believe me when I tell you we’re up to the task – because we love our great state. 

We love the mountains that wrap around us. We love our hay fields and winding back roads. We love our mighty rivers and quiet streams. We love Sunday suppers with family and Friday nights at the football field. 


We love the hometown restaurants that have our coffee ready when we walk through the door. We love sharing those cups of coffee over newspapers, long conversations at the hardware store, and unplanned front porch get-togethers. 

If you ever find yourself in West Virginia, I promise you’ll find some of the finest people you’ll ever meet. 

We’ll introduce you to apple butter and buckwheat cakes. We’ll share our pepperoni rolls and teach you to cheer for the Mountaineers. We’ll bring a tear to your eye when we tell you the inspiring story of our Thundering Herd. 

We’ll tell you where to find the best views of the New River Gorge Bridge and the best streams to catch Brook Trout. We’ll give you family recipes for cornbread and encourage you to visit Dolly Sods when the blueberry bushes are in bloom. 

We’ll tell you about our coal miners and how they’ve always done the hardest work imaginable. We’ll tell you about the sacrifices their families have made.   

And when you’re visiting us, if you ask for directions, we won’t just give them to you. We’ll say, ‘Just go ahead and follow me. I’ll take you there.’ 

This is my West Virginia; tell me about yours. 






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