2018 Passport Fair

My office will be hosting a one-stop-shop for passport applications at the South Charleston Public Library on Saturday, March 24 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. No appointment is necessary and your passport photo will be taken on site.

From the Hill to the Mountains

Senate Youth Program

Last week I had the honor to meet with this year's United States Senate Youth Program delegates from West Virginia, Jerry and Ely. They have both demonstrated strong leadership and involvement in their communities as well as commitment to their studies. There is no doubt that delegates like Jerry and Ely will help shape our nation’s future. Now, more than ever, our country needs young leaders like them. I hope these students receive the guidance and resources necessary to continue embodying this great country’s values and potentially pursue a career in public service. They represented West Virginia with integrity. Their passion for American democracy is inspiring and I hope their week in Washington inspired them.


Protecting American Workers and National Security

Last week, I applauded President Trump's announcement of tariffs on imported steel and aluminum to protect workers and national security.

Historically, trade deals have not been good for our state of West Virginia. Foreign countries have benefited and grown, at the expense of our state’s economy and hard-working West Virginians. As big, multi-lateral trade agreements have been ratified and Wall Street and big corporations line their pockets, we’ve seen jobs pour out of West Virginia for cheaper labor markets in foreign countries.

Our country has the lowest trade and non-tariff barriers in the world. We have played by the rules and what has it gotten us – half a trillion dollar trade deficits and good paying jobs exported to foreign countries. It’s past time to defend our interests, our security and our workers in the global economy and that is exactly what the President is proposing with these tariffs. I believe our allies and our trading partners will understand that the President cannot stay silent any longer, he must give this country and West Virginia workers a fighting chance.

When we have a level playing field, West Virginia workers will win every time. We will out work, out innovate and out compete anyone in the world, but we can’t win when the deck is stacked against us. I’m glad we are finally standing up for ourselves, and I applaud President Trump’s leadership and willingness to hold places like China accountable for the damage they’ve done to our economy.


Key Federal Resources



Last week, I announced that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services awarded $223,871 to health research organizations in West Virginia. The funding will be used for Ryan White Part C Outpatient EIS Program research at Charleston Area Medical Center and West Virginia University. 

CAMC and WVU are conducting important research and providing primary care services for West Virginians living with HIV and AIDS. The only way we will bring an end to this horrible disease is to continue funding research. I am proud that WVU and CAMC are leading the way in West Virginia and I will continue advocating to ensure they receive the support they need to do such important work. 

Individual Awards Listed Below:

  • $120,068 – CAMC Health Ed. & Research
  • $103,803 – West Virginia University Research Corp. 



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