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Last week, I was proud to join Cecil Roberts and retired miners from West Virginia and from all over the country at the UMWA rally in Columbus, Ohio. Our retired miners are the hardest-working people in America. They have dedicated their lives to power our nation to prosperity, committing years of their lives, often at risk of their health, to dangerous work in the mines. Now, over 85,000 miners and their families, including over 25,000 in West Virginia, are at risk of losing the pension they have paid into and have earned. This is happening through no fault of their own. It is our responsibility to keep the promise we made to them more than 70 years ago.

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I also participated in the Joint Select Committee on the Solvency of Multipemployer Pension Plans field hearing in Ohio. The Joint Select Committee was created as part of the overall budget compromise that passed in February. The committee is instructed to report a bill by the last week of November, and will be required to hold at least five public meetings, including three hearings so that members of Congress can hear directly from retirees, workers and businesses affected by the pension crisis. The solution that the committee produces is guaranteed an expedited vote in the Senate without amendments.

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Last week, I had the honor of speaking at the 100th Anniversary American Legion Convention in beautiful Huntington. The American Legion has made countless advances for the lives of Veterans by working tirelessly to raise millions of dollars in donations, both locally and nationally. I truly appreciate American Legion members and all our Veterans for their unwavering service to our nation.

One of my Regional Coordinators, Brian Aluise read to Energy Express students at Hinton Area Elementary School. Energy Express is an outstanding summer reading and nutrition program that encourages students to express their creativity and confidence.

West Virginia Spotlight

Jackie Cullers

2018 WV Service Personnel Employee of the Year

(Photo by MetroNews staff)

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Key Federal Resources

 $12 Million for West Virginia Head Start Programs 

It is in all of our best interest that every child receives a quality education that empowers them to succeed.  Head Start Programs provide the resources for communities to give their students an early childhood education that will support them in the classroom for years to come. I will continue to advocate for Head Start funding so that West Virginia’s children and families always have access to the education they deserve.


Individual award details:

  • 1,075,895 – Greenbrier County Board of Education

  • 7,140,728 – North Central West Virginia Community Action Agency

  • 721,462 – Monroe County Board of Education

  • 1,644,791 – Upshur Human Resources, Inc.

  • 1,281,396 – Northern Panhandle Head Start, Inc.


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