On the Road

This week I got the chance to talk with religious leaders, business owners, individuals of the medical community and West Virginians with pre-existing conditions in the Eastern Panhandle. I’m hearing from people all across West Virginia that they are concerned that this lawsuit to repeal their healthcare, being waged by West Virginia’s Attorney General, will go through and they will be dropped from their health insurance, or unable to afford the payments. With nearly 800,000 West Virginians with pre-existing conditions, this impacts every family in West Virginia. For West Virginians with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, and many other illnesses and conditions, this could be the difference between life and death. I’m doing everything I can to prevent that from happening. 

Senator Manchin meets with members of the community including religious leaders, medical professionals and business owners regarding pre-existing conditions.


I spent Saturday afternoon in Huntington celebrating the annual Italian Festival. At a young age, Italian festivals allowed me to understand the importance of family history and to recognize and appreciate the value of our lineage. It's always a privilege to celebrate that heritage with my fellow West Virginians at all the festivals and fairs across our state. I was honored to recognize the Torlone family as 2018 Business Family of the Year, Dr. Pete Chirico as the 2018 Italian American Community Leader of the Year, the D'Antoni family as the 2018 Italian Family of the Year, and Emery and Van Vass as our 2018 Hunger Heroes for their voluntary service at the Facing Hunger Food Bank.

Senator Manchin with Mayor Steve Williams, his wife Mary, and Cyndi Kirkhart from the Facing Hunger Food Bank.

Senator Manchin with members of the D'Antoni family who were recognized as the 2018 Italian Family of the Year.

Senator Manchin with Emery and Van Vass, the 2018 recipients of the Hunger Hero Awards for their voluntary service at the Facing Hunger Food Bank.

Senator Manchin with Dr. Pete Chirico and his family. Dr. Chirico was honored with the 2018 Italian American Community Leader Award.

Senator Manchin with the Torlone family, recipients of the 2018 Business Family of the Year.


I also stopped by the Pro Watersports National Championship in Charleston and had a great time watching the jet ski races.


Senator Manchin watches the Pro Watersports National Championship in Charleston.

Senator Manchin with Rocky Hall and his daughters, Cheyenne and Autumn. Cheyenne has just won two gold medals competing as part of the Ground Zero Fighting Systems team in the WV State Gi and No Gi Championship Returns, which was also being held at Magic Island in Charleston during the jet ski races.


Kim Berry, a caseworker in my Fairmont office, attended the 2018 Distinguished Citizen Dinner for the Mountaineer Area Council, which honored national hero, Hershel "Woody" Williams, as this year's award recipient.

Woody Williams accepts the 2018 Distinguished Citizen Award.


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