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Fifty years after the Farmington No. 9 mine tragedy, we continue to grieve, remember those we lost, and to pray for their families. I personally lost many individuals who I knew well, including my dear Uncle John and several classmates. I truly appreciate everyone who attended the memorial this weekend to honor the memory of those who lost their lives that fateful day - they will live forever in our hearts.

 Senator Manchin attends the No. 9 mine tragedy memorial in his hometown of Farmington.

 Senator Manchin attends the No. 9 mine tragedy memorial in his hometown of Farmington.

 Senator Manchin attends the No. 9 mine tragedy memorial in his hometown of Farmington.



How May We Help You?

I truly appreciate the opportunity to hear from my fellow West Virginians. As your U.S. Senator, I am proud to be your voice with government agencies during your time of need. My goal is to provide top-notch customer service for every West Virginian who contacts me, or who may need help.  I have a team of caseworkers in each of my four offices to help you with matters of concern. While I have no direct jurisdiction in the administrative matters of any federal, state, or local agency, I welcome the opportunity to assist you with whatever problem you may be experiencing and ask that full consideration be given to your case.

Recently, Angie Walsh, a caseworker in my Martinsburg office was able to assist Ms. Viola Usak, with her benefits from the Social Security Administration.  After a long delay in processing her monthly benefits, Ms. Usak visited my Martinsburg office to discuss her case.  Angie immediately reached out to the Social Security Administration to request that her benefit review be completed. Within two weeks of the inquiry, Ms. Usak received her monthly benefits as well as the retroactive award for the time that she waited for her case to be processed.  


West Virginia Spotlight

Quilts of Valor were recently presented to six Taylor County residents, including Specialist E5 Randel Jennings, a U.S. Army Veteran. Quilts of Valor is a national program that recognizes the service of our nation's heroes. Christian Sisters Quilters in Taylor County presented quilts to Specialist E5 Randel Jennings, Specialist E5 Richard Bowman, Captain William McProuty, Mater Sgt. E7 Dennis Mitchell, 2nd Class Boilerman Jimmie Riffle, and T5 Woodbridge "Woody" Stout. Thank you all for your service!

Caseworker for Senator Manchin, Kim Berry, joined Randy Jennings in celebrating his recently awarded Quilt of Valor.

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