Dear Fellow Nevadan,

The Senate just passed bipartisan legislation that makes historic investments in Nevada, from upgrades to our roads and airports to support for drought and wildfire mitigation. My colleagues and I—Democrats and Republicans alike—were able to come together to support a whole host of programs that will help Nevada prepare for a sustainable future and create good-paying jobs and economic growth across our state. You can find more information about the bill here, but let me just highlight some of the great things it does.

I made sure that the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will help our state build water infrastructure and drought resilience, prevent and fight wildfires, support Nevada’s mining industry, and create new union jobs here in the U.S. I also worked to secure improvements for our public transit systems and airports, expand access to reliable high-speed internet, and allow us to produce and charge more electric vehicles. And I ensured the bill includes significant investments in our students, providing funding to upgrade school buildings and keep kids safe when walking or riding the bus to class.

I’m so pleased that these investments will strengthen our economy for years to come. They’ll let us make our lives more sustainable and get Nevadans and visitors where they need to go more quickly and easily. They’ll connect students to education and businesses to their customers. And they’re all part of my Innovation State Initiative to take advantage of the technology and creativity in Nevada in building a better future. I look forward to the positive changes this legislation will bring our state, and I’ll keep working to get us every resource to thrive.