Water Contamination in America: Join the Livestream of our Roundtable Discussion

Today, along with Sen. Jeff Merkley and Sen. Ed Markey, I introduced the Prevent Future American Sickness act to require the cleanup of a class of toxin, so-called "forever chemicals"— known by their acronym PFAS — from America's drinking water. New laboratory testing found that PFAS are prevalent in the tap water of 43 American cities. Environmental Working Group scientists now believe PFAS compounds are likely detectable in all major water supplies in the United States and that previous studies dramatically underestimated these toxins' pervasiveness.

This is a public health crisis. It is not a radical idea to demand that when people in the world's richest country turn on their taps, the water they drink is free of toxic chemicals.

I'm hosting a roundatble discussion on this crisis tonight at 6:30 pm with Rep. Debbie Dingell, activist and actor Mark Ruffalo, and scientist Dr. Anna Reade. 

Join the livestream roundtable discussion here

Read the PFAS legislation release here


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