Veterans Day in St. Albans

Dear Fellow Vermonter,

Each Veterans Day, we pause to honor and remember the brave Vermonters, and our brothers and sisters across the country, who put on the uniform to keep our communities, our families, and our nation safe and protected. Vermont has a long and proud history of military service throughout U.S. history, dating all the way back to the Green Mountain Boys during the American Revolution.

On Friday, we came together in St. Albans to commemorate that legacy and the extraordinary sacrifice of our veterans and their families.


This year, we secured some historic victories for veterans, from passing The PACT Act – the most comprehensive expansion of health care for our nation’s veterans in a generation, including the millions of veterans who have been exposed to toxic fumes from burn pits and other toxic exposures – to strengthening the already excellent network of support veterans can count on here in Vermont.

But as we celebrate these victories, we also know that the work does not end here. The truth is we owe our veterans a tremendous debt. One which we will never truly be able to repay. But what we can do, and what we must do, is make certain America keeps its promise to our veterans, just as they have kept their promise to us. As longtime member and former Chair of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, I am honored to work every day to keep that promise to our veterans and their families.





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