Announcing Our First Ever Annual
Youth Chess Day with Vermont's Youngest Chess Champion

Dear Fellow Vermonter,

I am a strong believer in the importance of after school activities. Well rounded kids should have the opportunity to be involved in sports, hiking and the outdoors, the fine arts, music, dance, speech and debate, and games of logic, reason, and strategy.

In my view, they should also be able to learn and excel in chess, a game which demands discipline and strategy – intellectual tools which are of value to all of us. While we have a number of chess clubs around the state, we can do more to expand the game in Vermont.

That’s why I have enlisted Vermont’s Youngest Chess Champion to share his incredible story with you and help me announce the first annual Youth Chess Day which I will be hosting for young Vermonters on Saturday, April 1, 2023.


At just 13-years-old, Alexander Collins of Norwich is the youngest state champion in Vermont at one of the oldest games in human history. Recently, the Bernie Buzz got to speak with Alexander about winning the state tournament and about how we can encourage young people to begin to play chess and benefit from this game of dedication, strategy, and quick thinking. I hope you’ll take a listen to what this remarkable young man had to say.

To help more young Vermonters try chess for the first time – and for experienced young players to have the opportunity to compete against each other – my office has organized a Youth Chess Day. The first annual event will take place at Vermont Technical College in Randolph. It will feature learn-to-play sessions for students interested in trying out the game as well as a recreational tournament for experienced players. I encourage ALL young Vermonters – whether you’re playing your first game or you’re a seasoned pro like Alexander – to come join us. To register for the event, click here. Students are strongly encouraged to register by March 17.




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