Need Funding for an Innovative Project That Benefits Vermont Communities?

Dear Fellow Vermonter,

It is that time of year again. As work begins on the Fiscal Year 2024 Appropriations Bill in Washington, that means we are also kicking off the Congressionally Directed Funding application process here in Vermont.

What I like about the Congressionally Directed Funding process is that it allows Vermonters and local organizations to apply for federal funding for projects that strengthen Vermont communities and improve lives across our state.


Past projects have had a significant impact across a wide range of issues, many long-neglected, including child care, sustainable energy, dental care, housing, and wastewater infrastructure.

Now it is time for us to come together again. Do you have a project idea? Perhaps an affordable housing, infrastructure, education, health care, or community engagement project? If you would like your project to be considered for federal funding, please fill out an appropriations request application here by 5:00 p.m. on March 10, 2023.

I wish I could tell you that all of the requests will be approved. Unfortunately, they won't. We receive hundreds of submissions and only a small fraction will end up being accepted. But the ones that do get accepted will bring essential benefits to our communities. You know what is needed in your communities and you know what significant federal investment could mean for your initiatives and future projects. We have a real opportunity to fund projects that can improve the lives of Vermonters all across our state.

So, I hope to hear from you soon. And please join me in spreading the word by forwarding this email along.





How Can We Help?

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