Vermont's Newest Soccer Team

Dear Fellow Vermonter,

In this difficult time, as we all work together to recover from this terrible flooding, I want to take a moment to talk about a team and organization that works hard every day to build something we need now more than ever: community and solidarity.

Last summer, a group of friends came together around a big idea: to found Vermont’s first semi-professional men’s soccer team since St. Albans’s Voltage ended its run in 2014. And what made this effort particularly unique was that they decided not just to focus on playing great soccer, but to make environmental justice and community building a core part of the team’s mission.

And that’s what they did.


Vermont Green FC kicked off an inspiring inaugural season last year, making it all the way to the second round of the playoffs. Vermonters showed great support for the team and their mission, coming out in large numbers to cheer them on. In their second season, which just recently concluded in July, Vermont Green returned to growing enthusiasm from soccer fans from all over Vermont and the region.

Earlier this summer, the Bernie Buzz was able to go to UVM’s Virtue Field and hear from the founders and players about the team, their story, and their effort to combat climate change and advance environmental justice. I hope you will take a moment to watch the video above to learn more. If you’d like to catch one of their games in the coming season, see here:

Congratulations to Vermont Green FC for their great work on and off the field.






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